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Quick question on SPA and its implementation of AAM. Our AAM is using server side forwarding, which works perfectly across page loads - I can see demdex calls being generated per load, however, the SPA application don't generate any demdex calls despite Adobe Analytics does.

Is there any docs on implementation of AAM on SPA? The synch calls on SPA pages works well, but as I said I am not sure if we need to be generating a demdex call on SPA too?


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If you are using SSF then you shouldn’t see any demdex calls except for the iframe, partner ID Syncs and the initialization of the marketing cloud cookies and parameters. Those will only fire on the first page load.

From there on, AAM data is forwarded by the analytics calls. As long as your Analytics is tagged to trigger on events within the SPA then those calls will be forwarded to AAM automatically. Did you check the response of the analytics call to see a response coming back from AAM? Something similar to this:


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