AAM Implementation Deliverables

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Hi Rama,

Let me attempt to answer the question for you -

AAM is more of a service which is consumed by users.

The typical deliveries that are required are - building up signals, rules, segments etc.. and testing them while they are pointing to destinations. To trigger calls to AAM servers you are needed with DIL code deliveries.

If you have concern at a particular component level. It will be good to know that and help you understand.


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Answers (7)



Hi Gaurang,

A document or code for the system that we handover to the client for review/sign off is a deliverable.

All AAM requirements could form the Requirements Document.

The configured/coded system is the first and obvious deliverable.

The DIL code code could be another.

Technical Design document explaining the inbound/outbound integrations is another one.

Do we typically write test case document to test the system and confirm its functioning? If so, Test Script Document is one.

But, this being a fully tested product, more or less, there is less scope for testing.

Like this, kindly let me know.