AAM data not getting counted in Adobe Target for offline uploads.



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My question  is we have a Adobe Target integrated with AAM, we have segments flowing from AAM to Adobe Target. The issue we are facing is we are able to see the AAM data counting in  Adobe Target only for the Rule based traits and segments. When we use offline uploads and create the Segment in AAM and create  a campaign in Target we are not seeing the data in the Adobe Target, we couldn't understand what is causing the issue with offline uploads.

We have raised a open ticket with client care, they have asked to change the order of calls visitor API, Target calls. Where we have them in the right order and double checked everything it all looks good. As per client care if that is the issue that should effect Ruled based segments as well correct?

Is there anyone who came across with the same issue please let us know if you have any answer for this. Any help here is appreciated.

Let me know if you have more questions. I can clarify.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Suhas,

While the client care's answer is very relevant, there are a few more factors that you would want to consider.

    - The offline segments are expected to be passed on to Target when there is an ID Sync in place.

    - AAM links device profiles to MID/UUID and passes that to Target.

    - The authenticated profles (in case of Current Authenticated merge rule) are attached to the CID instead.

    - If your segments are based off current authenticated merge rule, then you would need to pass the CID along with the Visitor ID call.

Let me know if this works. Good luck!