2nd party AAM segment in Google Ad Words for suppression (via Ad Cloud)




We've a audience segment from a 2nd party (say X) in our AAM Instance (say Y). This was done via Adobe Marketplace. 2nd party, X is also on AAM and they pushed the segment via Adobe marketplace to our AAM. We do have the segments populate in our AAM instance.

We have mapped this segment (from 2nd party X) to our Adobe Ad Cloud (AMO) and to Google Ad words as a URL destination.

We've mapped another segment to Google Ad words - this segment is our audience (Y audience) and not 2nd party. This one is getting populated in Google Ad Words. So the URL destination set up seems correct.

Question is: Is it technically possible to suppress a 2nd party audience in Google Ad words via a URL destination. Given a URL destination works only when the user visits your website. But that defeats the purpose here, as we do not want to target these audiences (from X). This segment (from X) is for exclusion (suppression) purpose.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Surbhi,

My name is Shweta and I am from audience manager support team.I would like to tell you here that platform like Google Adwords explicitly disallow to use non 1st party data to add users to their remarketing lists.This limitation is something that Google have announced publicly and not something in Adobe's control.

For your reference, below are some public facing documentation on this matter:

AdWords RLSA 3rd party policy (active July 2015): https://support.google.com/adspolicy/answer/6258407?hl=en-AU



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