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Hi Guys,

I am new to this forum and to the Audience Manager Platform.

I have a couple of basic questions.

1. Can i integrate the Audience Manager pixel only on specific pages of the site and could the data be collected only from those pages?

This is more of a non-technical question;

2.  We run a rate and price comparison website where lot of companies advertise their products and services, once of our advertiser wants us to implement the Audience Manager pixel on our site so they could re-market to them:

     a. is this a standard request from advertisers
     b. Should i add their re marketing code on specific pages?
     c. i am thinking if the above 2 are yes, i should be charging them to add the code: onetime implementation + monthly - Does that make sense?
     d. How should i price the monthly cost?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




1. Yes, you can have AAM deployed on selected pages of your site or app.

The recommended way is to use Adobe DTM and then apply DTM tag on pages where you want AAM to be deployed. Otherwise, you can implement it with other methods as well.

If it is only a pixel, and not inbound or outbound ID sync, then the pixel code can be applied to any page of your choice to capture custom variables.

2. AAM users are Advertisers, and Publishers both. There are scenarios where advertisers use a pixel not only on their website or app, but they also use it on other platforms or publishers.

Since they want to implement something on your platform, so that depends on you and that advertiser. For c and d, I would recommend you to contact AAM support for more info.


Varun Kalra

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