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Looking to see if anyone has an easy tool or way to track YoY data outliers and tag breaks.  We have too many accounts to use the calendar alerts in adobe so we need another solution.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




if you don't need real time date i suggest the following solution:

1) create a new "virtual report suite"

2) filter main data to the new report suite by a empty segment called "VRS data correction" (or whatever you need)

3) track both "DTM version" (just give every update a unique number) and "Web CMS version" (ask IT to do that on every update) to a prop on each call.

remarks: wrong numbers can be filtered out by a combination of DTM version and the Web version

4) apply data filter (within the segment) based on hits with the desired combination of versions.

BTW: the segment keeps track of your corrections and is not visible in the VRS

5) tell everybody to do reports on the VRS ...

just an idea how you can do it - i'm sure there are other ways and i'm looking forward to hear them.



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