Wrong Day Metric on Bounce Rate Freeform



Hello dear Adobe Community,

I'm trying to make a Bounce Rate analysis on the Adobe Analytics Workspace.

My analysis has a 7 days date range - but whenever I try do visualize this with line viz from a freeform, there is always a Day previous to my date range(so 8 values, instead to 7) that shows on the freeform and the line viz with no value at all.

Why is this happening ?
When I try with other metrics we have only 7 values, as intended.

You can see this on my Attachment,

Thanks again for the help!

Cheers -

Mario Nuñez 

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Hi Mario,

It is actually not an issue but the way Entries metric work. The bounce rate is Bounces/Entries.

Since a visit can span multiple days, it can have an entry on the 21st for a visit on the 22nd. For those visits, it pulls in the previous date so that it can show the data accurately.


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Answers (5)



Hi Hyder,

Makes total sense, and I get that it's technically correct so won't be changed. I was wondering if you'd managed to find a way around it at all (i.e. to hide days that are outside the range)? I ask because i'm building a workspace for non-analytical users with trended line graphs for the last full week and they just look messy when there's a sudden drop either at the beginning (for entries) or end (for exits). I know they will point it out and struggle to understand the reasons behind it. It would just be easier to hide it if possible! I've looked at building the metric segmented by 'exclude entries where date range does not equal last week' for example, but does not seem to work. Longshot but wondering if anyone had any thoughts?





Hello Hyder,

Your explanation is logical and satisfactory, thanks !

I'll also select the other days so there is no 0 value for this day on the visualisation.

Cheers !



Hello TanmayM​ ,

Yes, it might be something to do with the date range. I use this one to calculate and compare last week results.

Then again, If I apply any custom Date Range to the panel, the freeform table is one day longer ( eg. image ) anytime I use the Bounce Rate metric.


Thanks again for your help!




Community Manager


Hi marion33678522,

Thanks for reaching out.

In your table you have a Date range added to the column [Evol] Semaine S1. When you add a date range in the comparison it takes precedence over the date of the freeform panel. I believe it is because of the definition of that date range you are seeing values outside your panel range. It would be a good idea to check it or maybe modify it according to your need.