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eloisep62912899 26-04-2018


I'm trying to recreate the below table in the workspace but can't find a way to compare the two weeks that doesn't involve having hundreds of columns in a freeform table comparing to the 'prior 7 days'.


Any and all suggestions welcome!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Issao_Shoji 26-04-2018

Hello Eloise,

You can create segments with data ranges (last week, thisweek) then you can use this to build calculateds metrics (this week ÷ last week). In the workspace you can use this in dimensions that not include dates. (It will always displays the currently week and the last week)

I recommend you to use report builder, it's more flexible to compare any time period (week 13 vs 12, then 12 to 11).

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