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xinanne 01-08-2017

Hi! I've pulled up a Page Views report from Dashbaord and Workspace and the numbers are different. On Workspace, what is that number above the rows pertain to? Also the percentage is inconsistent. On Workspace it's showing 35.2%, and on Dashboard 28.9%. This is confusing! Can someone please explain?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Saurabh_Kumar1 02-08-2017


     In workspace screen-shot, your arrow points to total no. of page views for the reporting time-frame you selected for your free-form table.

With respect to percentage noted, in workspace - your en:homepage contributes to 35.2% of total page views 1,945,311

while in dashboard - that page contributes to 28.9% of total page views 2,369,527.

Looks like there is some setting (segment, date range etc.) that exists in workspace but not in dashboard for the difference in page view numbers noted by you.

Hope this helps.


Saurabh Kumar.

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Answers (1)


just a guess: what is the setting in your project for "count repeated calls"? you can find it in your project settings... might be that you don't count repeated calls in your project.