Workspace segment percentage always 100%




Hi there!

I use many segments, but Totals do not show a % (in top row) or always 100% (lower row). In this example I would like to see how much makes 42k out of 545k.

Is there a workaround?

Thank you for your help.



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Currently, if I add several segments (without breakdown), Total will be a sum of all the numbers which is not useful for me because of segment overlap.


I would have expected 117k instead of 199k. If the Segments Total was empty, then the percentages below could use the above line as a base. Currently, the percentages on the bottom right always show (in sum) 100% or 0% when there is no data...

Your suggestion ("Show Value As - % of column total") is good, however parent total, % of the above would also be sufficient, i.e. further breakdowns' % can refer to the above only, instead of Grand Total, and have a value/sum of up to 100%...