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I'm looking for help on the best way to build a segment.  When users come to our site and log in, we capture information about them in the data layer based on their log in.  I'm looking to create a segment for user based on this information that I can analyze in workspace or use in Target as an audience.

For example, dimension A equals A or dimension B equals B or dimension C equals C.  I'd like to exclude all users who fall in any or those groups.

Now for my questions, do I build this at the Visit or Hit or Visitor level?

Between each argument above, do I use 'or' or 'and'?

Anything else I should be aware of when doing this?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Dear Patrick,

For Complex Segmentation, Analytics will help to target the customers. The disadvantage of using Segmentation from Adobe Analytics is its latency. It is not real-time and thus it wont help you in targeting the customers right then while doing the action.

We have a workaround for the same, capture the dimensions in Target MBOX Parameter (For Instance) or Profile Parameter (For Visitor) and create the Audience directly in your target interface like Dimension Equals A : There are more operators to play around! That would be the best.

Thank You!


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I don't have too much knowledge about Target, but I can try to give you some hints about building the segment in Adobe Analytics (but don't know if sharing for this kind of segment works).

include condition

first, you try to get visits/visitors who had a certain value in one of the dimensions. just add them to the visit/visitor container like this

  "dimension A" equals "A" or

  "dimension B" equals "B" or ...

this segment would return all visits/visitors wherräe the user matches at least one of your conditions

adding exclude condition

if you want the exact opposite (users who do not match any of the above condition), you can just turn the segment to "exclude". on the top right of the segment definition you have a gear icon where you can check the "exclude". this will turn the whole container in red - indicating that you exclude all matching visits/visitors.

visits or visitors?

not an easy question and depends on what you want to do in Target. Personally I would go for "visitor" since I think you might be interested in users who have never had a login value matching your criteria.


there are people knowing more than me about the segments in Target, I'm just about to start using them. as far as I know there are at least the following points to be aware of:

1) the user needs to have a login (and matching the criteria) before he is excluded from the segment. that means a user who is about to login (and has never done before) will match your segment until login. the same is true if a user deletes the cookies (and therefore returns as a blank new visitor)

2) there is a time latency between collecting data and using the information in Target. that means even a user just logged in (should be excluded), he might be still matching the final segment due to missing data in Target. search forum about data latency, I'd bet there is an answer somewhere...

hope that helps