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I created a table of contents with links to various different workspaces in Adobe Analytics. The links were generated using the "get project link" option as shown here


It's been working fine for about 2-3 months and then on Friday all the links stopped working. The links no longer open up the reports and instead either show error messages or ask users, already logged in, to login again. Even when they do login again, they're taken to the Adobe Experience home page and not the desired report. I generated a  new link and found it works now. But this means I now have to go through the entire table of contents and update every link. 


Why has this happened? Is there something I can do to avoid it in future?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




There was some issue with the redirection. A fix was pushed yesterday so this should be resolved now. Make sure you clear your cookies before trying again.

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Answers (2)



Hi @robertb36812398 ,


It seems like a bug wherein the users are unable to access the Workspace Projects from the link. Also, we have noticed that the users are getting redirected to the Experience Cloud Homepage while trying to access the project link. So, I would request you to report this issue to the Client Care team for further investigation on this issue.