Workspace Project Access - can I see who has accessed specific workspaces?

ericad-BNYMello 03-10-2019

Hi community!  Is it true that I cannot pull any type of access report from Adobe Analytics that would help me show that our 'users' are visiting projects that we created for them?

ASK - prove, numerically, that the "Dashboards" (AKA workspace projects) that we created for our marketers are in fact being used. No asking of the marketers, management wants numbers ~ proof is in the numbers.

In the legacy admin console we could see when someone last accessed analytics, but I don't believe that is now available in the Expr. Cloud Admin enviro.



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you can either access the "logs" in the admin section or use the API. every access of a user to a workspace project is recorder into the logs.

jen.lasser​ created a great spark page about this topic:

if you don't want to go the full way as described on the spark page (maybe because it's just a one time task) you could at least take the ideas from the spark page (like API call) and do some investigations in eg excel...