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In Workspace, metric totals remain a total of all results even if I have applied an advanced filter.  This is frustrating as it is not an issue in Reports.  Being able to change this in "Table settings" isn't an option as the actual settings option does not appear to be available for all dimensions either.  Help would be appreciated - thanks in advance.

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Hi Gabriel,

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If you apply a filter/segment on a freeform table the total should update itself.

Could you elaborate a bit more on the filter that you are using? If you could post a screenshot it would help in understanding.

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Answers (2)




You can approach this in two ways:

1. Create a HIT based segment and apply it to the report. Then in the report run for the instances as a whole.

2. DO a classification of pages report to group the pages together.

Segmentation would be the quick method. Classifications would take some time, but would give various points for analysis down the line as well.



Hi Tanmay,

I'm actually experiencing a very similar issue.

Within workspace I've applied an organic search segment, but I have filtered to all pages containing "[city]-[service]" and another filter for all URLs that end in .html

The report then shows the correct number of URLs, but there is no way to group them to give me one line graph showing visits for the only allows me to see traffic trend for each URL, or the site as a whole...does that make sense?