Workspace: How can I show the total sales of specific product group



-We have 10,000 products.
-Our site can buy multi-product at the same cart once.
-100 producuts are Spring Campaign Products.
-I want to show total sales of Spring Campaign Products.
-If I create segment.   Hit : product  contain any of  [A B C D E......]  as "Spring Campaign Products". 
-And show  "Spring Campaign Products"sales, it include sales of cross-sell products.
  *some user ordered non-campaign product at the same cart.  "Spring Campaign Products" sales include that product sales.

Is there any good way to show total sales of specific product group.
(except  1, Using SAINT.  2, Set 100 lines condition in advanced filter on workspace. )

If workspace has filtering ability "contain any of", that issue solve.
Or provide new segment function "single product level".

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Segmentation unfortunately won't work here, because we only have hit segments and products are sub-hit values. If you only want product A and not product B, there's no segment definition you can use that would include one and not the other if they happened in the same hit.

The only viable method I'm aware of right now is to use the workspace filter, or by manually dragging dimension values. Try this:

  1. The products dimension on the left has a right arrow. If you click it, you'll get yellow dimension values you can use in workspace projects
  2. click and drag each product you'd like to include in the report as line items

A less efficient (but also viable) method would be:

  1. Drag over the products dimension into the workspace
  2. Ctrl + click the 100 products you want to include so they're highlighted blue. You can use a workspace-level segment to locate all of them, since workspace has a 400 row limit
  3. Right click and select 'only show selected rows'
  4. Remove the segment if you used one to isolate the specific line items you're looking for

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Answers (7)



We're running into the same issue and while I was able to validate your approach works, it creates for a very messy report when looking at daily trends. 

Are there plans to include sub-hit segments in Workspace?  Feels like this is a serious miss



Completely agree with your product level function in a segment.

We have the ability to use the level

- hit

- visit

- visitor

it could be great to have the product level also in order to make some analytics based on product and not based on a hit.

Example, I got one hit containing :

- Product A - Category 1 - product view - cart addition

- Product B - Category 2 - product view - cart addition

- Product C - Category 1 - product view - cart addition

If I want to have the cart addition % of the category 1, I will always have also the information of the product B included in the hit (and I don't want to have it.

No way to have the sessions or ratios % even if I'm selecting each product of the category (because the tools is not able to make subtotals except by using the "display only selected rows" 's function which unfortunately not working with ratios)




Do you mean put 9900 products list into doesn't contain condition?

Is it possible? No limit?

Is there any way to chose "rest of the products" ?




Same question and same issue here. I regularly have to remind our business users that they cannot use segments to group products and report on a group of product sold.

We're managing tens of thousands of product as well. I understand Classification are done for that but it can't be flexible enough since it's automated from our product catalog.

Merchants need is to analyze by dynamic grouping of products. Sometimes it's just a question of grouping a couple of product categories but some other times they need to just provide a list of product SKU and we can't update product classification everytime they need that.

We usually end up pulling data either from DWH or RB and do tons of vLookup in Excel, which is boring and far from what we would like to do. Most of the time, they go back to our back-end data, which is another data source and never matching numbers so I don't really like it.

I've been thinking for a long time about the "sub-hit-product-level" granularity in segments but I'm afraid it's a complicated one.

Not sure what other options could be, maybe based on classification but without touching an existing, automated classification ?

I'm interested into any outcome from this question anyway




Hello Gigazelle,

Thank you for your answer.

Unfortunately I cannot use the proposed solution because I have a catalogue of more than 30 000 products which makes the multi selection complex.

Although I think this feature should be complex to develop, I think product selection would solve the problem of a number of Adobe customers who sell products online.




Hi There,

Thanks for your question.

If I understand your question correctly, you want to include total sales of A, B and C but not cross sell.

You may create a segment where you can use "Product" contains any of A, B, C AND product doesn't contain "rest of the products".

See if this helps!