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Hello Adrienm,

There's nothing wrong, that is just drag and drop multiple times the same metric in the columns.


I guess you want to see more than 5 dimensions value in the columns, that depends on you eVar, when you drag and drop the dimension on the head, the table will brought you the top 5 values with more instances.


(Workspace student book 2017)

Maybe you should try organize your table or click in the right arrow in the dimensions list, that you can select the values you want, drag and drop, more than you wish.


Mauricio Shoji

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Answers (4)



Say like in the above example, you want to break down visitors age group by country - it shows only the top 5 countries. How do you see more countries? Dragging and  dropping countries to the countries column just repeats the top 5 countries..



Great info thanks.

Anyway to do this in bulk?  For example I would like to to pull over each individual US DMA (designated market area) in the USA (there are over 200 of them) just as the example above shows with "page views and country". 

Got the first five over by default.  Then I have been doing " multiple individual DMA" and move them over in sets of five or six.  Challenge is that when I use the the arrow to open up all of the DMAs I get DMA from all over the world, each US DMA is sprinkled in alphabetically.

Anyone know an easier way to do this?



okay, I've got it -  we just need to click on the arrow on the dimension like the answer above says and select the values of the dimension we want to display.