Workspace Flow - hit eVar overcount?




I was excited to hear of the interdimensional flow feature release in Analytics workspace. Our set up uses a lot of Hit level eVars, so this is a great chance to see the flow between them. However, I've encountered a problem. On page load we populate the Page Name variable but also a custom Page Name eVar, which gives us a number of functional gains (plus the reassurance that we know how exactly how this is being pulled).

In regular reporting (Page Views, Visits, Unique Visitors, etc) the discrepancy between these two variables is tiny, less then 0.01%. However, when I load my Page Name eVar into the pathing tool in work space I am seeing a significant over count in "Path Views".

The only reason I can imagine this is happening is because the flow counting any onclick event call for the eVar but not Page Name variable. Is this the case? If so, is there a reason why this has been set up this way? 



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