Workspace date comparison doesn't work with custom dates?



Test project: one dimension, one metric (Visits).

1) I right-click on Visits and select "Compare time periods" and from the options I select "Custom date range to this date range"

2) I choose a date range and now I have Visits (with date range above it), Visits and a Percent Change column showing correct numbers.

3) I replace the date range above Visits with a pre-built custom date range but the Percent Change no longer reflects the numbers I'm comparing. Why?

Ideally, I would like to be able to change the panel date range and have the comparison date ranges change automatically but there doesn't seem to be a way to do this.

How can I have five metrics with Percentage Change for each one comparing the panel date with the same day of the previous week?

Do I have to manually update each of the five comparison date ranges (five metrics) every time I update the panel date range?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Comparison date ranges are not static - they will roll over time as the calendar turns if you've selected things like "compare to prior month". For instance, when we move into June, any prior month comparisons will move to May. You can inspect the auto-created calculated metric "Percent Change" - it has date segments applied to it, and in those date segments you can see the rolling logic of the range.

However, the date comparisons will not change if the panel date range is manually changed. After initial creation, they are independent of the panel range selected and instead are based on today being today.

We will certainly consider allowing for the comparisons to be controlled by the panel calendar though. We appreciate this feedback!

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Answers (7)



I believe that when you run a percent change comparison, the percent change column is calculated based on the date that was applied to the column at the time the option was selected. This would cause the percent change value to remain static, even when applying a different time frame to the column.

As a workaround, I've created custom percent change metrics comparing this week visits to last week visits (daily average) and calculating the percent change for each metric needed. This allows the percent change to adjust according to the time frame selected.



3) I replace the date range above Visits with a pre-built custom date range but the Percent Change no longer reflects the numbers I'm comparing. Why?

It's a bug from the tool as i noticed also that you can't change your metric, if you replace your "Visits" by "Page Views", % change won't change neither.




Date ranges are available in the segment builder. You create the range there and then apply the segment in calculated metrics. Hope that helps!




I got the same problem here,

I believe that @DakotaKeyser did this Using a Calculated metric and Time ranges. Just do :

(Time Range Today[metric y])/(Time Range Past Date[metric y])-1


  • Time Range Today : a rolling time range over the number of days you wish : i.e, if you want the last 7 days (rolling daily ), or the results of past week (rolling weekly ).
  • Time Range Past Date use a rolling time range on the same period last year.

This would make you make diferent Time ranges of the diferent periods ( week, monthly, etc...).

Hope this helps !

Cheers to the AAC !



OK thanks for your answer but how did you created custom percent change metrics ?

Other question : this solution is working for week, year, monthes but not working for custom dates ? ie : from the 1 to 12 of september versus 1 to 12 a year ago.