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Hello Adobe Community !

I have a question on the csv downloads from the workspace.

I can't manage to have all the data from my workspace in the CSV.

I figured out that not all vizualisations have a CSV on the download.

I also figured out that sometimes I need to "show" all the freeform Data from all my visualizations to get the right csv (but sometines it did't work)

Is this the normal behaviour ?

Kind regards,


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Mario,

As one of our friends mentioned that there is a simple and straight forward way to download the CSV files in Workspace (except data visualizations): Project --> Downlaod CSV

That being said, at times this download option doesn't work effectively (from my personal experience) if your Data-set is heavy and/or the Segments applied are little complex and data-heavy. In this case I would suggest to rely on the PDF File sent by the scheduler using the patch: Share --> Send File Now.

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Harsh Kabra |  Adobe Certified Expert: Analytics Architect ®

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Answers (3)



Hi Mario,

There are two ways you can download a CSV from workspace. From the Left hand side > Project tab > Download CSV which pulls all the freeform data and visualization data counts (not graphs). And the other way, right click from any data table (from your Visualization data) > Download as CSV. For me both ways worked fine and didn't see any issues. You need to save workspace before you want to download as CSV.