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I am having difficulties using the date comparison function in workspace. In other words, when I go to right click on my freeform table and try to compare to a previous date it does not pull up the data for the previous date nor the % Change. It used to do this in the past but now this functionality no longer works for me. Is this a know issue?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello Andres,

Thank you for your query.

The compare dates function still works. Make sure you are right clicking on the metric > Compare time periods and then your relevant choice. The comparison does bring up a column on the left with prior dates and column on the right with percent change.

See the screenshot:

Hope this helps!

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Answers (3)




HI martinl83351349​,

When you have a time, date range added as a dimension, you won't see "Compare Time Periods" as an option. You'll only see "Add time period" as the option. "Percent Change" isn't available with "Add time period". It is only available with "Compare Time Periods".

For instance, remove Day as the dimension and add Pages, for example - you'll be able to see "Compare time period". Next, you can select "Prior month to this date range" and "Percent Change" column will be shown on the right.