Workspace 'bottom 10' list?



In Analysis Workspace I understand you can sort table based on the metrics value.

So creating a top 10 list is as simple as sorting the metric descending and then limiting the number of visible rows to 10.

but what about a bottom 10 list?

the issue i'm running into is my dimension breakdown has 1800 unique values and when I sort the metric ascending, I get several rows (almost 200) that don't have adequate sample sizes.  Meaning they only have 1 visit which is why they are at the bottom of the list.  but that means I can't use them in my analysis.

is there any way to only include aggregated dimension values in a top / Bottom List that have a minimum number of visits (say 100). 

The goal being

my top 10 list will show items with 30K visits (or whatever the max is)

while my bottom 10 list will show items with at least 100 visits

Does anyone know how to achieve this Analysis Workspace?

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Thomas -

thank you so much.

I tried that same solution but set the <150 to 0 which means my sort logic didn't work.  Setting the <150 to 999B would solve my problem, and I understand the limitation you referenced.  for my purpose where I'm only looking to provide a 'snapshot' of the worst performing items, your idea will work.

Again, thanks so much!