workspace: add in a filter in dimensions

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Accepted Solutions (1)




the filter should appear as soon as you move the mouse cursor over the dimension title (move over "Local var 6") and a filter icon should appear bext to the title.

be aware that filtering this way does not affect the total in the column heads. if you want the total of only selected rows, use option as roshanc44331495​ decribed above.

another way to filter and get total of selecter rows: select the desired row items (CTRL + click) then right-click to "show only selected".

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Answers (2)



Below I took page filter example:

Click the > arrow

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 3.11.48 PM.png

Find the Pages you want to analyze:


Drag the first one into your table. After you find the next Page, drag the value onto the column header of your table:


This way, I'm able to focus on only the 3 Pages I want to analyze in my table, without having to worry about applying filters:


If you're curious about dimension item searching, here's a video to help you along your way:

Improvements to Dimension Item Search in Analysis Workspace - YouTube