Workaround for calculated metric inside a segment?




I wanted to create a segment based on the value of a calculated metric. Surprisingly, I discovered that this is not possible in Adobe Analytics. My question is, do you have any idea of any workaround this?

I'll try to be more specific.

We have, let's say, event1 and event2. We are interested in analyzing the segment of visits where value of event2 is greater than the value of event1. Eg: show visits where event1=2 & event2=3, but do not show visits where event1=5&event2=3. As I said, creating a calculated metric CM=event2-event1 and creating a segment where the condition is CM>0 is not a possibility in Adobe Analytics.

How can we achieve this?

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I'm afraid that this kind of comparison is not possible in the tool right now. Your best bet is going to be to wait for the tool to support calculated metrics within segments. You can upvote this idea to support it: Ability to use calculated metric in a segment

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First of all, thank you for reminding me about the if function (I am working only for 6 months with Adobe Analytics, I was a Google Analytics user before) it proved to be very helpful for me earlier today for another question I had.

However, regarding my original question, I still don't understand how exactly I should use it.

I'll try to give you more details about what I actually need: for every Page in the pages report, I want to count only the visits where event2>event1.

I created the calculated metric as you described it, but it is unable to give me what I need, because I can not force it to compare event2 with event1 at the visit level. It simply compares the total number from all visits.  Basically, when I create the report I get smth like this:

Page                              |    Visits    | CalculatedMetric1|CalculatedMetric2| Event1   | Event 2 |CalculatedMetric3 |    1000    |1000                      | 0                           |150         |160       |160


CalculatedMetric1 is: if ( (greater than ( event2,event1)) then Visits else "0")

CalculatedMetric2 is: if ( (less than or equal to ( event2,event1)) then Visits else "0")

CalculatedMetric2 is: if ( (greater than ( event2,event1)) then event2 else "0")

If I could make CalculatedMetric1work the way I need (compare event2 and event1 at the VISIT level, not the total), CalculatedMetric would be lower than Visits.

Is there any method to force the calculated metric make the comparison at a visit level?

[I must say that we know for a fact that we have every kind of visits: where event1=event2, where event2>event1 and where event2<event1 (information is also confirmed with data from Data Warehouse, report based on the visit ID). ]

Thank you very much for your time and good ideas!




maybe you can create a calculated metric with some "if-then-else" or "greater-than" function. within the conditions, you can create adhoc segments based on metrics or other calculated metrics

it's not a real segment, but the results would be almost the same


if ( greater than ( event2 - event1 ; 0 ) then "visits" else "0" (as number)