Why "entry page" cannot match "hit depth = 1"

H_L 20-06-2018

Hit Depth

From this content, I understand the 1st page visitor viewed, should be the entry page.

But when I create segment for "organic search", it seems not.

Some pages listed in "Entry Page" with very big volume, but they are not in "hit depth = 1".

Please help to clarify and correct my understanding.

Thank you.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Entry page is a visit-level dimension. From a backend table perspective, the entry page column persists through the whole visit.

When you make an entry page segment, that's bringing in whole visits where entry page = x. When you make a hit depth segment, that's only bringing in the very first hit of each visit. There should be no comparison between these two items, because they are not closely related to each other at all.

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Answers (4)


Could be something else entirely. I cannot say for sure with this level of insight. Maybe try breaking down to a single user and see the behavior.


The thing to remember is that not all server calls increase page views and have pagename. Hit depth includes s.t() and s.tl() calls.

If for some reason, your site generates an custom link call before a page view, then the entry page will not be having hit depth of 1.

H_L 02-07-2018

Is it possible because that "Entry Page" will not apply the segment?

For example:

type URL and access Page A


Search & entry Page B, then click link & visit Page C

then even if I applied segment: from "Organic Search", Entry Page will also be Page A, but not Page B?

If so, then when I break down Hit Depth = 1, Page B will be the first page from "Organic Search" which match the reality.

For Reference: (I understand this is for "Entry Pages Report" ONLY, but just have above consideration after reading this.

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Please advise.

Thank you.

H_L 24-06-2018

That sounds reasonable, but the top 3 "entry page" listed are "home page", "sales index", "event index" which are reasonable, the top 3 "pages which hit depth =1" are the very detailed content page about aftersales service.

So I got a little confused.