Why ist the amount of units different when using a hit/ visit segment?




we are counting sold products= units from visits with last touch channel = e-mail + push.

The first time we used a hit segment and the second time we worked with a visit segment.

Segment Hits.PNG

(Hit segment)

Segment Visits.PNG

(Visit segment)

Now we are wondering why the amount of units are different depending on the two segments we've used. Because we expected the results to be equal.

The screenshot below shows the result of using the visit segment.

März (Visits).PNG

The following screenshot shows the result of using the hit segment.

März (HIts).PNG

Can anybody explain to me the reason for this difference in data? 

Thanks for your help!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hit containers and visit containers act very differently.

  • With a visit container, if any hit in a visit matches your segment criteria, that whole visit is included in the segment.
  • Whereas with a hit container, only the exact hits that match your segment criteria are included.

So what's happening here is that you're getting hits outside of the purchase event that match your segment criteria. For example, a user comes in through email, then later in the visit, they come in through natural search. Since for at least a few hits the last touch channel was email, the whole visit was pulled in for your visit-level segment, but not your hit-level segment.

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