Why is the Report Suite I just created not visible to me?



I have limited access to a single Adobe Analytics company.

I can create a new Report Suite, but after creation I cannot view the Report Suite in 'Admin -> Report Suites' or among my available Report Suites under 'Reports'.

I create a Report Site yesterday and set the 'Go Live' date for today.

Is it possible to be assigned permissions that allows a user to create Report Suites that they can't then view?  I think I may be in this state.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




yes, that's possible that you are allowed to create new report suites, but you access is restricted to a fixed list of report suites which doesn't get updated once a new report suite is created.

ask an admin to add the new report suite to a user group you're in or get access to "all report suites". the last will give you access to even newly created report suites.

more information on management of users and user groups can be found here: User and Group Management

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Answers (1)




I know this might sound a bit odd, but this can indeed happen if you're not an admin but have some admin console privileges. Permission groups are based on a static set of report suites, so you can talk to an admin and have them add your newly created report suite to one of the permission groups you belong to.