Why does Prop and Evar have different values?(PV, Visit, UV)




I stored the Page ID value in Prop and eVar.

The Page Views, Visits, and Unique Visitors values of Prop and eVar are different.



I want to know the why. please reply.

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Accepted Solutions (1)





There are a few different things that could affect these to have different results between an eVar and a prop.

1. If the prop or the eVar isn't fired on some pages.

ex 1: Lets say an eVar was already set before visiting this page and the visitor visits a page without a prop set the eVar will be passed and the prop wont be.

ex 2: If its a page where the eVar isn't set and prop is and this is the first page of the visit the prop will be sent but the eVar won't.

2. If the expiration of the eVar is set to a certain time limit where they can pass new values through it.

Looks like you have this set up to visit, so you shouldn't have a problem with this.

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Answers (3)




while most of the differences between prop and evar have been pointed out, this would only partially describe the differences in the numbers. I mean, if the eVar and the prop is set exactly on the same hit (assuming its always together), the solutions above would only describe the differences for pageviews. eg. on page 1 both have been set, user navigates to a next page (without pageId), only the pageview counter for the evar will increase (due to visit expiry).

but: the numbers are not the same for visits/unique visitors!most likely there is another case leading to the difference: the pageID has beehn set right before your data timerange started and the user had at least  1 hit within your daterange not setting the pageId. example: user arrives on page before midnight, pageId will be set. after midnight, he makes another hit but not set the pageId. the result is, that you only have 1 visit/unique visitor for your evar, not for your prop (due to expiry of evar and not set a prop on the new day). the result is the small difference you can see in your tables...