Why data will be different under same date range

panj75843567 05-08-2019

Hi there,

Just like below examples,

all the dimension, metrics & segments are the same,

While when I change the up-right side date range,

(the 'After 5.0' date range here is from Jun-27-2018 to Aug-3-2019, which is included in both below up-right side date range)

While outcome of some data will be different ???

Hope to get any kindly feedback,



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


the different numbers might have other reasons:

1) including current day might increase data as soon as it is processed

2) depending on segments there might be visits/visitors within condition later (especially if you create a segment at visitor level)

3) for performance reasons there is a "reporting window" running in the background which is used for faster data fetching. it might be that there has been some issues because first fetched segments on a longer timeframe and later filtered based on date range. therefore some segments might have met the longer date range (in reporting window) later on...

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

panj75843567 06-08-2019

Hi ursboller,

Thanks in advance,

Yes, I also think that custom date ranges will override the date range of the project,

but here as you see data under "After 5.0" custom date ranges has changed after I modified the date range of the project,

(Capture1) Before Visit: 5,685,417  >>  (Capture2) After Visit: 5,688,407

just feel puzzled about it,


when you use custom date ranges in your tables (eg "Before 5.0") it will always override the date range of the project. so whatever date range you select for your project, the table (with custom date range) will stay the same!

Rajasekaran_s1 05-08-2019


Even though the dimensions,metrics and segment are the same, the data will change for current date. Because the current data will be updated for current date.

As per your screenshot, date range applied is till Aug 31st 2019.

Better apply the date range till the complete date (current date - 1)