Why Daily, Weekly & Monthly Unique Visitor Metrics not showing up in the Workspace?




Do you have any idea why Daily, Weekly & Monthly Unique Visitor Metrics not showing up in the Workspace? When i am trying to add Daily Unique visitor Metric its not available in Workspace. Only Unique Visitor metric is available

Any suggestions would be helpful.

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Hi Ramesh,

If you need Daily Unique Visitors in Workspace try this below method to get that detail.

If you need Daily Unique Visitors then insert Day as Line Item and then add metric "Unique Visitors"

After that Right Click on Metric header, then click "Create metric from Selection > Column Sum", you will get the Daily Unique Visitors number.


Same has applicable for Monthly and Weekly





Hello Fellow Adobe Analytics Users,

I tried to create the following Calculated Metric and It works:

  1. Drag the metric - 'Unique Visitors' in the canvas and Divide it by Step no 2 below
  2. Drag the function 'Approximate Distinct Count' and drag the dimension 'Day' in it as shown in the screen grab below. It works when use Week, Day, Month or Year.

Daily Unique Visitors.png



I second claudialackner​ question above. It's a real disappointment that we can't use daily unique visitors in Workspace. It's a much better indication of traffic compared to visits. hyderziaee



rameshk28785​ Can you provide an example of the calculated metric so we know how to build it? The goal here is too DUV by month or week in the workspace without having to break UVs down by day.




Dear All,

Thought of reverting the discussion a long back, but somehow was packed and unable to reply.

As said by Ashok Kumar, it is a very good idea to Sum the Column to have Daily Unique Visitor but will work only on aggregations.

Explanation goes below:

Assume, you want to understand daily Unique Visitors for May - Jul 2019. You can go to Reports & Analytics interface and just drag the Unique Visitors to it : Below the Screen Grab.


In Work Space, you cannot do it by month, rather you can aggregate the numbers by each month.

I.e. If you take Day Dimension and Unique Visitor as a metrics to Sum the column, you will only get 8,315 as the answer which is Daily Unique Visitor for all 3 months combined : Below the Screen Grab.


So if you want to understand Daily Unique Visitor by month, either you need to create 3 Free Form Tables with different Time Period to Sum the column or compare it with time periods to Sum the column like below in a Single Free Form Table.


Now you can see that Daily Unique Visitors Number matching the column aggregations.

Hope this is clear!

Thank You!




Hi Arun,

Yes.. its display entire month same number and i have changed display rows number as "1" to view single rows.

Requirement is to view Daily Unique Visitors number in Workspace. So i give suggestion to display Daily Unique Visitor number in Workspace.





Thanks for adding this but it still doesn't get you to actual daily unique visitors. If you split unique visitors by the day dimension and manually sum, it won't equal the custom metric.



Hi Devin,

Create a calculated metric in the workspace (ex: sum of all "UV's" for each day of a month). It gives the same result as Adobe Analytics DUV's data.