Why certain metrics don't show up in Report Builder?

brandonc6001189 26-08-2019


For some reason, certain calculated metrics are not showing up as an option when creating a formula in Report Builder.  Is there a reason for this?  How can I find my calculated metrics?  The RSID is correct and the calculated metric is created by me. Thanks!

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Dear Brandon,

Make sure that you are selecting appropriate dimension during metric selection.

I suppose that Calculated Metric will not show up for all the dimensions. Validate without dimension and check whether you are able to populate. Else, as said by Asheesh, kindly reach out to Customer Care.

Thank You!


brandonc6001189 27-08-2019


I'm currently using Report Builder 5.6 and have created a new calculated metric to test.  Unfortunately, I am still unable to find the calculated metric in my Report Builder. 


Hey Brandon,

As per Adobe:

Report Builder 5.2 supports Adobe Analytics Unified Calculated Metrics. All calculated metrics now have a global ID - they are no longer restricted to one report suite. However existing workbooks might point to requests with legacy metric IDs. When you use Report Builder 5.2, these legacy metric IDs will be converted to the new global ID. If you share this workbook with a user of Report Builder v5.1 or earlier, that user will not be able to see the calculated metrics.