Why aren't the dimensions/ metrics in Adobe Analytics and Report Builder the same?

cristinapio 13-07-2018

Hi there,

I have a question concerning the metrics and dimensions in the Adobe Analytics front end versus the Report Builder Add-In for Excel.

In this example I am referring to the "Exit Link URL (v62)" which I can find in the Adobe Analytics front end (see screenshot below):

In contrast I can't find it anywhere in the Report Builder search (see following screenshot):

Does anyone have an idea what could be the reason for this circumstance? And how can I add the metric/ dimension so that it will finally occur in the selection of the Report Builder tool? Are specific configurations necessary for Adobe Analytics?

Thank you!

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Accepted Solutions (1)



The Workspace works very differently from the (legacy) Report section, workspace is relatively new, and has much more functionality. You can search for instances, as each evar will not have a separate instance variable in the Reporting API which is what report Builder uses.

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Answers (2)

nikitaf2673776 13-07-2018

When you search like you did in Workspace, you're searching across metrics, segments and dimensions. In your screenshot of Report Builder, you're only searching in the Metrics tab. Exit Link URL (v62) is a dimension, and you'd find it in the Dimensions tab.