Why and How to set? - Segment and Hit Depth



Hi Experts,

The purpose is to get the data "how many visits used internal search if the user visited more than 1 page in the visit".

We want to analyse how many user (or visits) used the "internal search" in our website, so 2 segments was created and did work well:

Segment 1: Visit Level:

Internal Search (event) exists.

Segment 2: Visit level: Exclude

Internal Search (event) exists.

BUT, I am awared of 50% traffic is from external search engine landing on specific document page.

So, it's reasonable user "Googled" a document > Landing & Reading > Exit, which means the "internal search" should not considered to be used in this kind of "visit".

Then, I try to get the data for all "Hit Depth > 1 or 2" .

May I have your advice, how to create the segment?

It's not a silly question maybe, consider from another way: when I create following segment:


I can still see data include "Hit Depth" greater than 2: may I know why?


IMO, Hit Depth is tracked in whole Visit, means:

10:00AM: Landing on page A (hit depth = 1)

10:01AM: Search on Google > Landing on page B (hit depth = 2)

10:32AM: Landing on Page A from social media (hit depth = 1, new visit)

Then if I create above segment, Visit Level, Hit Depth < 2, I should not see pageviews >= 2

But if I create "Hit" level segment, it will not able to correlate with the "Internal Search Exist" segment in Visit level.

OR I shall use "Visit Depth" instead?


When I apply above segment, still can see the hit-depth more then 2:


Sorry I am confused.

Please help to advise how I should create the segment can co-work with the "Internal Search Used" segment.

Thank you.


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