Where to find my trackingServerSecure?



Sorry if this is a newbie question.

While implementing Adobe Analytics using Javascript, we were able to find trackingServer in code manager. However, where could we find our

However, where could we find our trackingServerSecure?  There is no docs online for such information. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Answers (1)





TrackingServerSecure needs only to be specified if you are using First Party Cookie Implementation.

If you are not then only using trackingServer is enough. Make sure that you are using an RDC tracking Server as it will improve the performance. From urs.boller post above:

  • RDC domains
    • San Jose: d1.sc.omtrdc.net
    • Dallas: d2.sc.omtrdc.net
    • Pacific Northwest: sc.omtrdc.net
    • London: d3.sc.omtrdc.net
    • Singapore: sc.omtrdc.net


All report suites created in 2014 onwards are globally unique, meaning Adobe's servers can route traffic to the correct location without a data center designation. All report suites created or migrated to Singapore or Pacific Northwest are guaranteed to be globally unique, making sc.omtrdc.net always valid.

If you know that your report suite was recently created, using sc.omtrdc.net regardless of data center is permitted for all data centers.

If it is a brand new implementation use domainSpace.sc.omtrdc.net . DomainSpace is something unique to your company and can be anything.

If we get back to FFC, if you need to implement this please contact ClientCare. It is most useful if you are using an implementation without Visitor ID services.

If you are using Visitor ID services, the AMCV cookie is by default set on your website domain so it does not provide great benefits. I would advise you to implement VIsitor ID services if it is a brand new implementation as all new features and integrations rely on this.

Best regards.

Alexis Cazes