Where's my tracking server URL shown in Analytics?



I know the tracking server is configured upon implementation. I've got a 3rd party product (Segment) I want to plug information into Analytics and they're asking for my tracking server URL, where to send the analytics. I can't find this anywhere, in the Company Settings or the Report Suite settings. Where else would I find this?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




mooreevan​, run Chrome, open Developer Tools, switch to Network tab. Open your site page where Analytics is implemented. Apply a filter "/b/ss/" to the requests shown on the Network tab. Check the hostname (domain) of the requests — this indicates the tracking server.

For example, if you do this for this site, you will see sstats.adobe.com and amcglobal.sc.omtrdc.net. On your site there will be likely only a one request and its hostname will be the tracking server for your implementation.

BTW, you can always contact Customer Care to request a list of tracking servers valid for your account.

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