Where is the Server Call Dashboard



saw an announcement today that there was a new server call dashbaord. The page said it was located at Analytics > Admin > Server Call Usage.

I checked there on an admin account but did not see the dashboard. Where is the dashboard?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Chatted with a couple people internally, and found there are a few edge cases that might prevent it from showing:

  • If the login company is flagged as internal to Adobe.
  • If the login company has a custom contract that prevents this menu item from being shown.
  • If the switch to see it wasn't automatically turned on due to the presence of one or more report suites belonging to a different billing customer (common in large orgs that might have multiple billing ID's).

If you've verified you're a full admin (and not a standard user who has many admin console permissions enabled), reaching out to your account manager would be the most ideal way to get this resolved.