What triggers the error message "invalid multiplier" in SAINT Classification import?

BarryLennon 28-02-2018

I'm trying to import a numeric classification, but I'm unable to get past the warning:

  • Warning: Invalid Multiplier: '1'

This appears whenever I populate the final two columns with anything (the '1' part is because I tried filling the final column with 1's on the last go).

In the example below, "Amt" is the classification variable of type 'text', and then "Amt^~AmtN" is the 'numeric' classification variable.

I presume the variable ending "~per~" is meant to be the type of 'numeric' (it never changes, regardless of whether I select "percent", "number", or "currency").

  1. What does the error mean?
  2. What should go in "Amt" and its sub-classifications?


##   SCSiteCatalyst SAINT Import Filev:2.0
## SC'## SC' indicates a SiteCatalyst pre-process   header. Please do not remove these lines.
## SCD:2018-02-28 08:55:46A:xxxxxxxxxxx:122

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Answers (1)

BarryLennon 01-03-2018

Thanks, Josh - that's exactly what I was after.

If I had cut my search down to just the word "multiplier", I would have found it - I was so close!