What is the recommend way to update historical data?



We see an issue in the workspace reports, due to misspelling at website the same record added multiple times. something like below, I need to update second row value which is "sample reQuest" to the "sample request" to get the actual count.


sample request5
sample reQuest4


What is the best way to update the second record value. is there any way to sum of both without updating the record?

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The record once collected cannot be edited. If there are many records like this, you can create the classification and classify both "sample request" and "sample reQuest" as same. You can also upload metrics data via data sources for "sample request".




Are you seeing both records together at the same time?
Analytics should already combine the two as a single value. Which case shows up depends on the first value that showed up in the time frame you have selected.
The only way I can see this issue happening is if the case sensitivity setting was toggled via Customer Care.