What is the name of the tracking variable if I choose Code 'Managed by Adobe' in DTM



I want to know how is the new option of code 'Managed by Adobe' different from the previous appmeasurement and s_code.

My company has an existing implementation using the custom option (code hosted in DTM). Now we are expanding our website and adding new sub-urls which also need to be tracked. I want to know if I can do the new implementation using 'code managed by Adobe' in DTM or not? and what are the differences?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




The name of the Adobe Analytics tracker when using 'Managed by Adobe' in the DTM tool settings is 's'.

I'm guessing that the problem that you are having is that it is not available at global scope.

If you want to expose the 's' object in this scenario, you can do so by adding a line like this in the AA tool (under Customize Page Code). Just open the editor and add a line at the top like this:

window.s = s;

Alternately (but not an officially supported method), you can get a handle to the 's' object from the console by doing this:

var s = _satellite.getToolsByType('sc')[0].getS()

This is a good trick for debugging, but I wouldn't recommend using it in production code.



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Answers (4)



Thanks for your reply. I do the understand implementation from header footer embedded code point of view etc.

My Question is a bit different. If you go to DTM there is a thing called 'Tracker Variable Name' which is/was by default set to 's'. So now in your website with( DTM header /footer in place) you could go to debugger and type 's' and see the  's' object along with its details.

My question is: What is the name of this 'Tracker Variable' if we choose code 'Managed by Adobe' option in DTM.




Not sure I understand the variable reference.

Typically DTM Just needs the header footer script on page (any new pages will also need that then).

Also key is do you have any data layer objects? If so they need to be made available on new pages.