What is alternate to occurrences in reportbuilder?



Hi, I am using Ad Hoc analysis and using the metric occurrences. I want to pull the same report using Report Builder. Which metric will closely relates to number pulled by using occurrences. I am not getting occurrences in report builder as metric. Before I used to use Instances, but its also not available now.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Animesh,

I just hope you are aware that, you may get closer, but Page Views is NOT EQUAL to Instances is NOT EQUAL to Occurrences

  • Page views: will only count when the value was present in the request and the request was an s.t() call
  • Instances: Will count only when the value was present in the request. Does not matter what call was it made from
  • Occurences: Will take persistence into account. Does not matter what call it was made from

If you would like to see Occurrecnces in SiteCatalyst/Report Builder reports, I would recommend posting this on ideas.omniture.com


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Answers (1)



Hi Animesh, When you select an eVar or a prop as a dimension in the Report Builder Request Wizard, under Standard Metrics, select the Instances metric--which is the equivalent to Occurrences in Ad Hoc. Ross