What happens if multiple CIDs in url?



Hi there,

What happens if two CID parameters are included in url?

Our ad agency implemented Campaign id like this below as a mistake... I think.

Is it possible to track the performance of each campaign by using multiple CIDs?

Does anyone have this experience?

examples url:


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How exactly are you capturing the parameter values?

If you are using the standard method i.e capturing value using 'getqueryparam', then, only the value from the first 'cid' parameter would be reported i.e. 'ppc_google_170101'. The current URL structure won't allow you to capture them as unique values in single variable.

The recommendation is to use unique parameters and if you want values from all those parameters to show in 1 single report and as unique items, then use the 'List Var (Explained Here: List Variable)'. Other variables, would consider it as 1 value when collected.

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