What does the SAINT import 'getCompatibilityElements' actually check?




We are troubleshooting a SAINT import and came across this thread: Failure in SAINT import - Import Status : Relation 0 is not currently set up to import data

After further investigation, we don't seem to be able to find any documentation around the 'getCompatibilityElements' method in the API. I have two questions to help us better understand what this endpoint shows:

  1. What classifies an eVar as compatible?
  2. Can an eVar be adjusted to become compatible?

Thank you.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi ehurley

1. The eVar should have classification structure defined. You can check it from analytics > admin > Report Suites > edit settings> conversion> conversion classification

- You've to ensure the eVar you're classifying via API has classifications defined

- Ensure that number of classification headers you specify in API requests matches with the columns you have defined for that eVar.

- Ensure the user importing data has access to that eVar

2.  An eVar would be compatible if the classifications in API request match the classification structure defined on UI for that eVar.

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