What are the potential risks of updating to the Adobe Appmeasurement 2.11.0 (currently in Beta)?

alejandroa51500 29-01-2019


Over the past week we were discussing on a call every single step we have to take in order to be able to include the new IAB TCF plugin. Following the prerequisites mentioned in the documentation:

     1. Update to the latest version of the Experience Cloud ID Service (ECID)

          Since we were using a custom Visitor ID library implementation (inserted in the library management of Adobe Analytics within a custom code), we had to locate           that code in the ECID tool. We are going to test if everything works as expected also in Samsung Tizen devices.

     2. Update to the latest version of the Appmeasurement library (2.11.0 currently in beta)

          This was one of the points that raised more concern over the past calls. Please, could you provide which would be the potential risks of updating to this beta           version? On the call the following topics were mentioned:

                    - Will we have an increase or decrease on our current number of unique visitors (we would like to know the possible consequences since this is one of the                        most important KPIs for Atresmedia?

                    - Will the percentage of the rate New vs Returning Users change (it was mentioned that this may happen since we will identify all the users with a new ID                        due to the new ECID update?

                     - Will the user have the control of selecting whether he wants to give us consent to track its navigation behaviour through Adobe Analytics (this point is                         also pretty important since it may have the risk of having lower number of unique visitor being tracked by Analytics)?

     3. Atresmedia must be using a CMP that support IAB. This point is already confirmed.

Especially we wanted to have answers to the point 2 (if possible through documentation since we could not find it).

Thank you all for the effort and collaboration.

Kind Regards,


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Accepted Solutions (1)


The largest risks of updating to any beta AppMeasurement version would be to encounter odd edge cases that Adobe hasn't found yet. Granted, that's basically the risk to using any beta product, but I feel confident that:

  • There is very little risk to an increase/decrease in unique visitors, unless you're changing how you collect unique visitors. Updating AppMeasurement code alone should not affect this in any way.
  • Same thing for new/returning visitors. Recent AppMeasurement libraries all read from the same cookies, so there should not be any impact here either.

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