Way to capture successful login only once per visit without using event serialization?



On the landing page(after successful login), there is a data element 'login' which gets set to 'true' and stay true as long as the member is logged in. I want to fire an event only once when the user comes to landing page for the 1st time (not after page refresh or user coming back again to the same page in the visit). Is there a way to set a condition for that so that the event fores only once so that we don't need enable serialization from siteCatalyst side? Can we write some logic or use rule conditions to do this?

Answers (2)

Answers (2)



Hi Andrey,

I have question related to this. If i have page called "application start" and this receives 10 visits in a day. I then set event100 (which I have set to "Record once per Visit" ) when the the "application start" has loaded.

therefore a report with pageName "application start"  = 10 Visits

and a report with event 100 = 10

Is this correct?

The reason why I asking this questions is because this is not happening for me (i have less event count vs page visits) and I wanted to check the logic above is correct.