Visualizing Analytics data on an office dashboard



I’d like to throw some of our Analytics data up on a TV in the office. Has anybody else successfully done this?

Not sure if Analytics real time dashboards are best, or something like


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Real Time reports are an easy way to accomplish this. If you need different data points, or customized visualizations, is a good option, but you'll be limited (like with Real Time reports) on the types of metrics/dimensions that are displayed.

Finally, if you'd like a more complete set of metrics/dimensions, you can look into purchasing the Live Stream add-on for Adobe Analytics. This gives you access to a raw feed of data via API within seconds of its data collection. Here's an example of a dashboard that could be created by our team using Live Stream data: Adobe Analytics Live Stream: real-time dashboard as well as a walkthrough of how the API works: GitHub - Adobe-Marketing-Cloud/analytics-live-stream-api-samples: Samples and exercises on using the...

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