Visits different between Warehouse and OverTime sources using Report.Queue v1.4



Hi - Hoping I can get an explanation for a strange behaviour.

I'm calling a simple request via the Report.Queue API (v1.4). It looks like this.















When I run the request using "source":"warehouse", I get a number (127K) for visits for the month of January 2018. When I run the request without "source":"warehouse" - that is, as a 'standard' report, I get 155K visits for January 2018. The pageviews and unique visitor counts are the same.

Using the AA site and looking at standard metric reports, I see the 155K number. I'm not using any elements or other filters in the request.

Can anyone help me understand why the data warehouse would have different numbers?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Is there a metric called visits-all visitors (or something like that) that you can use in the API?

I know the front end has a visits and visits-all visitors metric. You'll want to use visits-all visitors in order to match the UI.

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