Visits are not equal to entries or exits..why?



Hello everyone,

As far as I understand, visit should always the same as the entries and exits (1 visit = 1 entry = 1 exit).

But today, as I was looking into the data, I found something strange while comparing visit/entry/exit.

I narrowed the data from Jul 1 - Jul 31 and put the day in the dimension and placed visits, entries, and exits.

As you can see, the total number (red box) of each metric seems to be the same (3,316,988), however, when I copy-paste the numbers (blue box) on excel and sum it to compare,

the total number of each metric is different (visit > entry, exit)



Can anybody help me understand why this is happening? Thank you so so much in advance!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




While every visit has an entry and exit, breakdowns may not. this is because of the time range you are looking at

For example, when looking at day dimension, I may have had a visit start on a particular day right before midnight, and then end on the next day.

  • The visit will be shown in both
  • The entry will be shown on day 1
  • The exit will be shown on day 2

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Answers (3)




Visit can be occurred in many ways as mentioned on the below article while Entries can occur only once per visit.

  • Entries: same as instances or occurrences, how many times the specified page is the entry page for a visit.
  • Visits: how many visits was this page the entry page, this metric should equal entries.
  • Exits: Number of times an Exit occurred where the Entry page was the one specified. If you want to see the number of times the entry page was also the exit page, use the Bounces metric instead of exits.

Adobe definition was given on adobe marketing page. refer those for your more clarification.

Visit - Visit