Visits and other traffic metrics but no page views?




I recently implemented 2 new suites (for new sites) in my Adobe Analytics account, but for some reason they arent receiving page views?

All other standard traffic metrics such as visits, visitors, bounce rate, etc. are working fine, however every day has 0 page views on both suites.

Using Dynamic Tag Manager for implementation, do I need to define a rule within DTM for them to pass into AA?

All of my rules are firing and recording fine as well, I just cant figure out why it says i have 0 page views while I have several hundred visits a day.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




This looks like a standard situation of only call being implemented and not a s.t() call.

Please check the server call and see if all of them have the 'pev' parameter. If yes, then that's an call. These calls even if have Page related info, no page related attributes like PageName, Pageviews etc. are recorded as is by default considered a link track call and not a page OnLoad call.

If above proves true for your implementation, check your DTM setup and ensure you are using s.t() for PageLoad.