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Hello Adobe Community,

I have a question regarding the number of unique visitors per value of our ClientID prop.

I have this prop, let's call it prop42, that is equal to our anonymized ID number for each client.

When I see the results of this prop regarding the Visitors, I get many prop42 items that have a hundreds of Visitors ( even for a one day analysis ).

How is this possible ? Are these clientIDs from malignant users ?
In theory they should erase their cookies in order to be counted as a new visitor, then log again to our site with their login and password ?

I was expecting something like

Prop42= 'XXXX'  : 100 Page views , 5 visits , 1 Visitor

instead I'm getting something as

Prop42= 'XXXX'  : 100 Page views , 80 visits , 80 Visitor

Thanks again for the great tips and answers !

Cheers !


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Mario,

Have you tried to export data feed to see if they come from same ips, same user-agent etc....

From which page_urls the hits are sent, same or different ?

You can request data feed under Admin >> Data Feeds

Best regards.

Alexis Cazes