Visitor ID storing two values

anshikaa9828138 27-03-2017

if debugger shows Visitor ID variable handling two values, one is CRM user id and the other is visitor id string, which actually gives the accurate count of visitors and which should be used or ignored.

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Saurabh_Kumar1 05-04-2017

It isn't conclusive from screenshot (have not seen two rows for Visitor ID in tracking request before) about the Visitor ID being used by Adobe Analytics.
You can probably give a try to a different debugger - "Adobe Marketing Cloud Pulse" extension for Chrome.
Alternatively (given you have permissions to access Data Warehouse or request from your Admin), within Adobe Analytics in top navigation menu follow Tools -> Data Warehouse. Choose "Visitor Id" from Items section (Breakdowns sub-section) & any Metrics say "Visits".
Submit the request & check out the report. Based on the format of Visitor Id value, you should be able to make out if CRM id is being used or not.

Saurabh Kumar.

Løjmann 28-03-2017


If you want to control the Visitor ID your self to identify same user across devices, you should use the s.visitorID variable, see more here:

An alternative are to store the CRM ID in an eVar, and the perform the user-stitching your self in a 3rd party data warehouse (or data workbench, if you are premium customer)