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We are looking to import some customer transactions via the Visitor ID data source.  Documentation seems very light in this respect, so I'm hoping for some help.  We will have set s.visitorID with our internal member ID.


1.  I've set up the data source (generic->Transaction ID).  Is the only thing required is that I replace the Transaction ID header with the visitor ID header?

2.  How does the Visitor ID connect differently to the visitor profile than transaction ID?  Would I still be able to see the campaign source for the data (associated to that visitor in the timeframe of the timestamp of the offline event) that I upload?

Thank you

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Hey, I wrote a guide to this on my website.

That being said, if you use the Marketing Cloud Visitor ID (Adobe Analytics ID) as the value for the `transactionID` column, your upload will work as expected. And you don't need to set anything for `s.visitorID`. This will be populated automatically by the `mcvisid` if `s.visitorID` isn't specified.

You can obtain this value from the `mcvisid` column in an Adobe Data Feed.